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I love horse agility! I found out about it several years ago and was hooked! Over those years I practiced with my horses, taught it to my horsemanship students. What fun it was settling up obstacle courses. Both children and adults were enthused, so I decided to become qualified a few years back, as a HAAT – horse agility accredited trainer, and judge. Once I was certified, I began giving playdays, clinics, workshops and shows for students in my province as well as in neighboring provinces here in Canada.
Unfortunately, life diverted my activities in 2013, as I became a full time caregiver to my ailing husband, who passed in early 2014.
I took some years off teaching with horses. Now, I am back! Here’s a little bit about my life with horses, that led me to Vanessa and Horse Agility.

I have spent 20 years as a gentle horsemanship coach and trainer, a barefoot clinician and consultant in Canada. I credit so many talented people in helping me increase my skills over the last 30 years.I studied natural horsemanship from several sources over the years. One of my favorite clinicians, who became a good friend, Carolyn Resnick from California, U.S.A. She helped me progress as a liberty trainer and teacher. That led me to enjoying liberty more than any other activity with horses! It was a natural progression to want to learn and teach Horse Agility.

My passions have always been horses and teaching. I spent 10 years as a teaching assistant at a grades 5-12 high school level. What you learn from teachers and students is as valuable as what you learn from animals! That experience helped me learn how to really be a good listener, work peacefully, and with patience and persistence with animals and people.

I have also recently been awarded a diploma as a Trust Technique Practitioner in mindfulness with animals, after a year of very intensive study. It gave me that missing link I was searching for in my connection with animals. These skills blend well with horse agility, or any activity with animals, to bring about more fun and cooperation. It helps solve problems, and enhances trust and confidence for both the human and animal.

I look forward to this renewed journey, helping people have more fun with equines. Please contact me to learn more.

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