Summer of Sport 2021 Class E – Showjumping

1st July 2021 - 31st August 2021 @ 12:00 am - 11:59 pm

Summer of Sport 2021 Class E – Showjumping

Class E Showjumping —Open to All!

This class can be completed at liberty or on a lead rope. However you will be penalised if the rope goes tight or the horse loses contact with the handler at any time throughout the course. The handler must remain inside the jumping course (see purple circle on diagram). There are 7 jumps, please try and build as closely as you can to the design below, the turns and distances (where specified) must be   adhered to. Adjust the distances to suit your horse’s stride. The jumps can be built of anything safe they do not need to be regulation poles and jump wings and can be of any height that causes the horse to actually jump, all four feet leaving the ground, otherwise penalty points will be awarded. Everyone starts on 100 marks and penalty points are awarded and deducted from the 100.                                   The penalty points are as follows: Knockdown or knocking a jump: 4 penalty points. Refusal or run out: 3 penalty points. Not actually jumping 2 penalty points. Circling between jumps: 1 penalty point.  There is no time limit.                                                                 

Closing date for entries

31st August 2021 11:59pm

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