On Line Horse Agility (OLHA) Walking Only First – November

1st November 2023 - 30th November 2023 @ 12:01 am - 11:59 pm

On Line Horse Agility (OLHA) Walking Only First – November

‘Walking Only’ courses are for people, or their horses, who are unable to move quickly.
The courses are available for horses and people with spinal injuries or impairments, visual impairment, learning disabilities in fact anything, be it permanent or a temporary that prevents either horse or human or both from moving at speed.

These groups are NOT excluded from the regular competitions. Each month members can choose which to compete in they cannot compete in both.

Class WO3 – First Level Walking only Ponies
Class WO4 – First Level Walking only Horses
Class WO3d – First Level Walking Only Donkeys and Mules

Closing date for entries

30th November 2023 11:59pm

Please access your personal profile page by clicking on your name on the results pages to see at which level you are currently working.

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