Horse Agility Clinic – North Carolina

7th November 2024 @ All Day

Mountain Horse Farm, 291 Cherry Ridge Drive, Bostic, North Carolina

Horse Agility Clinic – North Carolina

7th November 2024, All Day

Horse Agility play improves your horsemanship skills, confidence, connection, communication, and the overall relationship you share with your equine friend. Heidi’s holistic approach to this stress-free obstacle play combined with the use of Horse Speak® methods create a platform for learning how to move together safely, quietly and in harmony with one another on the ground. Agility helps create the necessary obedience skills needed to navigate some of life’s obstacles while keeping horses in a “curious” state.

One main goal of Agility is to communicate using body language, intention and energy, versus pressure on the lead line or halter. This type of practice paves the way to playing together at liberty, and that is an exciting goal! This in-hand practice also helps to deepen understanding, improve rapport and develop mutual trust in the saddle. Calm, clear leadership offers boundless opportunities for safer, more enjoyable relationships between horses and their humans.

This clinic includes information on the sport of Horse Agility based on the International Horse Agility Club of England. Our clinic day rounds out with a fun, judged competition to put your new skills to the test. Everyone is a winner! Horses of all ages and levels are invited as long as they can be safely handled in a group setting.

Contact Host: Suzanne Vullers: 585-775-9164 or


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