Any Other Animal Agility Competition – July/August

1st July 2024 - 31st August 2024 @ 12:00 am - 11:59 pm

Any Other Animal Agility Competition – July/August

This competition is open to non members as well as club members

Closing date for all entries: 31st August 2024 Midnight

Each entry to this competition will be charged at £5.00 for non-members and FREE for members.


The first multi animal Agility competition on line in the world!

Yes, you can now compete with any animal in Agility competitions! Every entry receives a score sheet and feedback.


Here at The International Horse Agility Club we have designed a simple agility course for you to build at home. You will need to adjust the size of each obstacle to suit the size of your animal.

A hamster will need a much smaller course than a llama!!


Build the course at home

Download the course and build at home according to the plan

Film yourself completing it

It should be filmed without breaks, with the animal and the handler being in shot the whole time.

Upload and Submit

Add your video to YouTube and send us the link using the form below. Each entry will receive a score sheet and feedback.

Download the course plan

You will find the course plan on page 2 with instructions on how to complete it. Read the notes carefully so that you don’t lose valuable marks!

Submit Your Entry


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