Out with the old!!

Out with the old! In with the new!

Happy 2019 everyone!


As we enter out tenth year our theme is:



While many of us seek the excitement of competition, this year we also celebrate the non-competitive side of Horse agility for those who want to improve their horsemanship without the pressure of competition.


  • ON-LINE CERTIFICATE COURSES – YES! You can now gain a qualification in Horse Agility (to Launch in the Spring).
  • HORSEMANSHIP - More emphasis on rewarding Good Horsemanship.
  • THE CHALLENGE - Get better month by month. Just you, your horse, an obstacle and a challenge! How good can you get? (from February)
  • NEW WEBSITE – The launch of our state of the art website with a enhanced functionality in the Spring.


There’s no better time to get involved. With Lead Line courses, Walk Only courses, Equagility bitless riding and liberty we have something for everyone.


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4 Comments on "Out with the old!!"

  1. Profile photo of Joanne Hickford

    I am so excited by all the new ideas coming this spring. I was even more excited to have the privilege of observing at a clinic run by Vanessa on the 12th January 2019. I came away with a greater understanding and a renewed enthusiasm.

    Thank you so much Vanessa x

  2. Profile photo of Barbara Winmill

    Really looking forward to all the new things that are being talked about.

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