Walking Only League and Special Awards

Special Awards for March:
Angela Wilson and Itsy Bitsy GB Perfect Score
Morgan Baca and Foxy US Perfect Score
Cynthia Gillaspie and Toby US Good Horsemanship Award for laughing in the face of complete chaos!

Well done Everyone!

Walking Only League Updated 3rd April 2018

Cynthia Gillaspie Toby US (563) 161
Julia Errington Honey GB (532) 135
Julie Wood Beau AU (295) 133
Steve Downing Cobweb GB (285) 105
Irma Vrbnjak Gita HR (196) 96
Angela Wilson Itsy Bitsy GB (296) 84
Julia Errington Cobweb GB (293) 84
Steve Downing Honey GB (292) 76
Barbara Winmill and Carlo GB (98) 48
Barbara Winmill and April Surprise GB (98) 36
Valerie Wattam and Molly Mossflower GB (99) 24
Roberta Carr 4x4 (98) 24
Sheri Pederson Largo US (175) 20
Alys Culhane Hrimfara US (94) 20
Gerry Barker and Grafitti GB (97) 16
Vivienne Evangelista and Taff AU (97) 16
Kate McLaughlin Whisper GB (96) 16
Hana Bobinac Perun HR (93) 15
Amanda Bettesworth Tango AU (94) 10

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