Walking Only League Commences

For those members and their horses who cannot run we introduced the Walk Only Classes last year and they have been very popular.
NEW FOR 2018
We are starting a Walk Only League, here are the first results (the number in the brackets is the cumulative score:

Irma Vrbnjak Gita HR (196) 96
Julia Errington Honey GB (194) 68
Cynthia Gillaspie Toby US (186) 60
Julie Wood Beau AU (100) 48
Steve Downing Cobweb GB (97) 40
Angela Wilson Itsy Bitsy GB (98) 36
Julia Errington Cobweb GB (98) 24
Steve Downing Honey GB (97) 16
Hana Bobinac Perun HR (93) 15
Sheri Pederson Largo US (87) 10

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