Good Horsemanship Awards and the Donkey league

There were fifteen Good Horsemanship awards in the December 2017 final competitions of the year.

All the following had 100% perfect scores
Morgan Baca and Foxy US
Petra Aberl and Procrace AT
Kim Gieseke and Raven US
Charity Canty and Little Bits Among Men US
Melissa Marini and Breeze US
Kim Gieseke and Mary US
Claire Perilli with Vin and Enzo NZ
Anna Eyed and Krampusz HU
Julie Wood and Beau AU
Fletcher Bennett and Olaf AU
Rachel Bennett and Jurl AU
Mallory Clarke and Doc CA
Lynn Acton and Bronzz US

The following received good Horsemanship awards for remaining cheerful and positive when everything seems to go to pieces!

Laura Stokking and Spyder US
Steve Downing and Honey GB

The Final Donkey league 2017

Scherri Edwards Maggie Mulie US 547 (1593)
Judith Edel Miss Molly GB 221 (982)
Hester Little Millie Mouse GB 106 (279)
Mandy Nutley Banjo GB 74 (483)
Mandy Nutley Flute GB 63 (466)
John Allen Maude US 55 (289)
Sue Kelly Samson GB 53 (375)
Nora Bateman Gertie US 49 (288)
Nora Bateman Stanley US 35 (281)
Judith Edel Tilly Lightening GB 22 (106)
Hester Little Mighty Mina GB 18 (285)
Bart Kelly Samson GB 15 (278)
Sue Kelly Pierre GB 3 (89)
Mandy Nutley Teddy GB 0 (70)

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  1. Profile photo of Steve Downing

    Thanks Vanessa. I think Cobweb deserves an award for putting up with me!! Sometimes I’m sure she is thinking ‘What on earth are you doing? Help Julia, come and rescue me!’ Horse Agility is fantastic fun and I’m glad some of that comes across in our videos. Congratulations to all the other Good Horsemanship Awardees, and everyone who has competed in 2017. We are really looking forward to 2018.

  2. Profile photo of Vanessa Bee

    Looking forward to having you along this year!

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