Horsemanship and the Horse Agility

Horsemanship and the Horse Agility go hand in hand and here we have the full list of those competitors who surpassed themselves in November by achieving 100% - the PERFECT SCORE!

In Equagility Julia Errington (GB) achieved 100% with both her entries, one with Kilmannon honey and one with Kilmannon Cobweb.
Also in Equagility Rachel Bennet and Jurl (AU) and Mallory Clarke and Doc (CA)
At the highest level VIOLET, no reins! Michaela Res and Cayenne (AT) were perfect!

In Medium level horses Maggie Cason achieved 100% with each of her horses Biggs and Curly Joe Star (US)
At Advanced Sonia Gonzalez Soto also achieved a double with Deli and Nathan (ES) then went on to achieve 100 in the Bronze liberty with Deli.
Advanced one Star saw our accredited trainer Ingrid Burke get top marks with Monty Houdini (GB)
In Advanced Two Star (the highest level challenge) Kim Gieseke and Mary achieved another 100% something they have done more than once this year.
Charity Canty with Silver Reign (CA) also achieved the top marks in Bronze liberty.

In the Walk Only Medium Class Joanne Hickford with her big cob Biscuit (GB) - (all wrapped up against freezing wind and rain!) managed perfection.
But on the other side of the world in Australia at Walking Only Advanced level Julie Wood and Beau achieved the same perfect result.
At Walk Only Silver liberty Scherri Edwards and Floyd impressed us all by being foot perfect and gaining top marks.

Well done everyone – a fabulous month’s work!

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