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Summer of Sport Teams, Good Horsemanship and the Donkey League Update.

What an incredibly busy time it’s been for everyone but here are the updates for August.

Summer of Sport Team Results

Team: Bow Wow Wow Awesome Total 1497

Steve Downing and Cobweb. Total 366 (Classes B,D,F,N)
Julia Errington and Honey Total 373 (Classes D,F,G,O)
Ingrid Burke and Monty Total 398 (Classes C,D,G,K)
Karen Wheeler and Eva of the May 360 (Classes D,H,G,N)

Team: The Welshpool Witches Total 1391

Annette Batty and Button. 329 (Classes D,F,G,M)
Deanne Davies and Charlie Total 338 (Classes B,D,G,M)
Bev Chittem and Lily Total 325 (Classes D,G,H,M)
Judith Edel and EMW lucky Pipsqueak Total 399 (Classes C,D,F,K)

Good Horsemanship Awards for August go to:
Donna Varga and Mardi Gras CA
Julie Wood and Charisma AU
Kim Gieseke and Mary US – TWICE
Katelyn Livermore and Hershey US
Kim Gieseke and Raven US
Julia Errington and Honey GB
Caroline Parkin and Bugsy Malone GB
Lynn Acton and Bronzz US

The Updated Donkey League now looks like this:

Scherri Edwards Maggie Mulie US 346 (1167)
Judith Edel Miss Molly GB 221 (982)
Hester Little Millie Mouse GB 106 (279)
Mandy Nutley Banjo GB 74 (483)
Mandy Nutley Flute GB 63 (466)
John Allen Maude US 55 (289)
Nora Bateman Gertie US 49 (288)
Sue Kelly Samson GB 37 (279)
Nora Bateman Stanley US 35 (281)
Judith Edel Tilly Lightening GB 22 (106)
Hester Little Mighty Mina GB 18 (285)
Bart Kelly Samson GB 9 (182)
Mandy Nutley Teddy 0 (70)

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