Donkey League and Good Horsemanship

Here's our May update for The Donkey League and Good Horsemanship awards given throughout May:

The 2017 Donkey League (the number in brackets is the cumulative score):
1.Scherri Edwards Maggie Mulie US 168 (586)
2.Judith Edel Miss Molly GB 109 (591)
3.John Allen Maude US 55 (289)
4.Nora Bateman Gertie US 49 (288)
5.Sue Kelly Samson GB 37 (279)
6.Nora Bateman Stanley US 35 (281)
7.Judith Edel Tilly Lightening GB 22 (106)
8.Hester Little Millie Mouse GB 81 (94)
9.Bart Kelly Samson GB 9 (182)
10.Mandy Nutley Banjo GB 9 (95)
11.Mandy Nutley Flute GB 6 (94)
12.Hester Little Mighty Mina GB 2 (85)

Good Horsemanship rosettes were awarded to:

Julia Errington and Kilmannan Honey GB TWICE!
Ron Burfoot and Dreamer CA
Faye Calvert and Patches CA
Hertha James and Boots NZ

Fantastic work everyone!

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