April Good Horsemanship Awards and Donkey League

But actually the Donkey League is being headed up by Maggie Mulie! Well done Scherri Edwards and Mulie US your progress is fantastic.
Here's the up to date line up: (the number in brackets is the total score achieved so far)

1.Scherri Edwards Maggie Mulie 108 (389)
2.Judith Edel Miss Molly 85 (494)
3.John Allen Maude 55 (289)
4.Nora Bateman Gertie 49 (288)
5.Sue Kelly Samson 37 (279)
6.Nora Bateman Stanley 35 (281)
7.Judith Edel Tilly Lightening 22 (106)
8.Hester Little Millie Mouse 15 (94)
9.Bart Kelly Samson 9 (182)

Good Horsemanship awards in April were all earned in the Mid Month Starter Level and Equagility Competitions.

Red Level Equagility:
Melissa Marini and Bree US
Angela Wilson Itsy Bitsy GB

Green Level Equagility:
Rachel Bennet and Jurl AU

Blue Level Equagility:
Kim Gieseke and Mary US

Violet Equagility:
Michaela Res and Cayenne AT

A brilliant result! Well done everyone.

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  1. Profile photo of Judith Edel

    Well done Sherri and Maggie Muley!
    Tilly’s points for her starter class haven’t been added yet – she should be on 22 I think. ;-)

  2. Profile photo of Vanessa Bee

    Oops I’ll check that out Judith! AMENDED NOW

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