Mid Month results are OUT!!

There was one exceptional result this month:
Steve Downing and Kilmannan Cobweb GB gained a Good Horsemanship award for achieving the perfect score in the Red Equagility class - CONGRATULATIONS.

The Donkey League continues to grow:

1.Scherri Edwards Maggie Mulie 48 (196)
2.John Allen Maude 40 (195)
3.Nora Bateman Gerti 40 (194)
4.Nora Bateman Stanley 20 (187)
5.Sue Kelly Samson 13 (181)
6.Judith Edel Miss Molly 13 (99)
7.Bart Kelly Samson 9 (182)
8.Judith Edel Tilly Lightening 9 (97)

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