November Open Class Results and Good Horsemanship Awards

Here are the Open Class results for November the standard was incredibly high and promises well for our new levels and the launch of the Equagility League in 2017

Open On lead line

1.Julia Errington Honey 97
2.Justine van de Berg Blacky 96
3.Sharon Piercy Charlie 92


1.Michaela Res Cayenne 100
1.Lynn Acton Bronzz 100
3.Deborah Jo Kummer Angel’s Whisper 99
4.Emily McManus Wilday Fascinar 97
5.Karen Greenberg Zena 96
5.Steve Downing Cobweb 96
7.Ros Perry Joey 94

Good Horsemanship Awards were earned by:

Angie Proper and Wish (Starter Level)
Tanner Mathieson and Ginger (First level)
Cara Keogh and Buddy (Advanced One Star)
Ron Burfoot and Dreamer (Advanced One Star)
Charity Canty and Little Bits Among Men (Bronze Liberty)
Michaela Res and Cayenne (Equagility)
Lynn Acton and Bronzz (Equagility)

Congratulations everyone!

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