Welcome to 2016!

Well now the excitement of the festive season is done and dusted it's time to get on with the NEW YEAR!

  The 2016 Member's Handbook is now available to Club members, remember to log into the site first.

For the last two years we have been running a ‘Rosette Amnesty’ so that those competitors who feel they would rather not receive a rosette can donate its value to charity.
We are delighted to announce that we have raised £394.00. This will be donated to our chosen charity this year People4ponies.
You can learn more about the work of this groundbreaking group by visiting their website www.people4ponies.co.uk. We have chosen them because they do not only rescue ponies they lobby for changes in the law that will make the world a safer kinder place for horses — long term.
We are introducing a new award this year for the Veteran horse/pony/donkey/mule who has accrued the most league points within the year, a veteran is over 20 years of age. This award will be named The Mousey Memorial Veteran Award.
Mousey was an exceptional pony who competed in Horse Agility after being rescued and rehabilitated by People4ponies when she was in her late twenties.
She brought to their attention that there was a law in existence that banned the use of ear notching as a method of pony identification but that it was not being implemented.
Mousey changed all that.
It is now well known throughout Great Britain that the mutilation of ponies’ ears is against the law and will result in prosecution.
You can read Mousey’s story in full by accessing the people4ponies website.

A reminder: For those who don’t want to compete for league points every month there are now three open video classes which do not contribute any points to the league OR to lifetime points. These are for On lead Line, Liberty and Equagility and are available on the OLHA! Courses page of the website.

But do remember anyone can compete Non-competitively (N/C) in any class just to get the feedback and help them develop their skills without the pressure (or publicity) of a competition.

And HEADS UP! There will be a two month SOUTHERN SUMMER OF SPORT starting on 1st February 2016...so get ready for even more fun!

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  1. Profile photo of Deanna Ward

    Love all the new changes you’re bringing into 2016! I’m really happy about the non-competitive option & the course being a combination of easy to really hard obstacles! With winter & a new job, I only have 1x/wk to practice agility – which is not enough for us to learn the advanced courses. With this option, I can still work on skill-building & ;get feedback but at a slower pace.

  2. Profile photo of Vanessa Bee

    You’re doing great Deanna. Speed is not important here but good solid learning while having fun is in my book. glad to have you on the HA Team!

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