November Open Class Results and Good Horsemanship Awards

Here are the Open Class results for November the standard was incredibly high and promises well for our new levels and the launch of the Equagility League in 2017

Open On lead line

1.Julia Errington Honey 97
2.Justine van de Berg Blacky 96
3.Sharon Piercy Charlie 92


1.Michaela Res Cayenne 100
1.Lynn Acton Bronzz 100
3.Deborah Jo Kummer Angel’s Whisper 99
4.Emily McManus Wilday Fascinar 97
5.Karen Greenberg Zena 96
5.Steve Downing Cobweb 96
7.Ros Perry Joey 94

Good Horsemanship Awards were earned by:

Angie Proper and Wish (Starter Level)
Tanner Mathieson and Ginger (First level)
Cara Keogh and Buddy (Advanced One Star)
Ron Burfoot and Dreamer (Advanced One Star)
Charity Canty and Little Bits Among Men (Bronze Liberty)
Michaela Res and Cayenne (Equagility)
Lynn Acton and Bronzz (Equagility)

Congratulations everyone!

October Open Class Results and Good Horsemanship Awards

Here are the Open Class results for October 2016.

We had record numbers in our Equagility Class (Groundwork followed by the same course ridden) as people prepare for this to become an authorised competition in 2017 with three levels of ability and its own league.

There were no less than FOUR Good Horsemanship awards for the perfect score in this round and Janine Nicolai and Nyah earned an award for gaining 100 in the Bronze liberty Trophy class. Congratulations to everyone!

Open On lead

1.Judith Edel EMW Lucky Pipsqueak 99
2.Margaret Hamblin Tilly 98
3.Julia Errington Honey 93
4.Steve Downing Cobweb 90

Open Liberty

1.Judith Edel EMW Lucky Pipsqueak 99

Open Equagility

1.Michaela Res Cayenne 100
1.Judith Knight Ravens Mojo 100
1.Lynn Acton Bronzz 100
1.Hannah Peters Elliot 100
5.Emily McManus Wilday Fascinar 99
6.Steve Downing Cobweb 98
7.Sue Kelly Samson 97
8.Ros Perry Joey 95
8.Scherri Edwards Twinkle 95
10.Geraldine Barker Grafitti 94

Good Horsemanship and Open Class Results

September proved to be another brilliant month for Cara-Lynne Keogh and Buddy of Australia with two Good Horsemanship Awards:

Advanced one Star Horse Class AND Liberty Trophy cup at Gold Level in both classes they scored 100 - the perfect score.

Cynthia Gillaspie and Toby from the USA also earned a Good Horsemanship award for the perfect score at First level in the horse class. Well done Cynthia!

Here are the Open class results for September's classes:

Open On lead Line

1.Judith Edel EMW LuckyPipsqueak 97
1.Margaret Hamblin Tilly 97
3.Steve Downing Kilmannan Cobweb 96
3.Julia Erringtom Kilmannan Honey 96

Open Liberty

1.Judith Edel EMW Lucky Pipsqueak 99
2.Judith Edel Lady Melissa 96


1.Lynn Acton Bronzz 99
2.Ros Perry Joey 94

The 2016 Horse Agility Summer of Sport Competition is here

Find all 20 courses ready to download here - Summer of Sport Courses


Details to follow...

Welcome to the 2014 Summer of Sport

Summer of Sport 2014


Welcome to the 2014 Summer of Sport.

 Click here to see all courses...


Started in 2012 to celebrate the Olympic Games it has been so strongly supported we’re running these fun courses again.

There are 12 classes in all plus the 2014 Liberty Trophy Classes (Bronze, Silver, Gold) so plenty to choose from.


We are delighted to welcome Think like a pony as sponsors of Class J - The Junior’s Round and look forward to seeing all our younger members having fun with this one.


Also a very special dispensation. For the first time ever non-members can enter a video competition, as part of the pairs class. You can ask a friend, your child, mother or father  to be your partner in Class G only one OLHA! credit needed for this one so no need to purchase an entry for your ‘guest’.  If you want to pair up with another Club member that’s fine too.


So why not drag that camera person out from behind the lens and let’s see what he/she looks like? Unfortunately you’ll need to find another camera operator for this one!


The main thing is to have FUN and, as always, rosettes for everyone!


New Junior League sponsored by Think Like a Pony



The Horse Agility Club is delighted to announce that there will now be a dedicated Junior League which has been generously sponsored by Think Like a Pony.


'Think Like a Pony is a simple approach to horsemanship, which empowers children and young people to develop the skills and perspective needed to excel as horse riders and handlers. 

The Think Like a Pony approach helps child and pony to develop a relationship built on trust, respect and communication.

Through this relationship, goals can be achieved and dreams become a reality'


All league points from any of the Horse Agility Club Competitions, On line Video, Liberty Trophy and Real Time competition League points will be entered into the Junior league backdating to the beginning of 2014.


For the 2014 Summer of Sport, starting on July 1st, there will be a special TLAP Junior competition with prizes for every competitor!


Austria tops the OLHA! League Table in Horse Agility

Austria tops the OLHA! League Table in Horse Agility

The International Horse Agility Club are delighted to announce the half year League winners of 2014 for the online video competitions.


World champion: Michaela Res Cayenne AT
Reserve World champion: Anna Maria Meitling Denironn DE
Junior World Champion: Lena Hobling Goldie AT


Country Champions:
Canada: Ron Burfoot and Dreamer
Great Britain: Debi Monk and Rheuben
USA: Kathy Richardson and Ghost
Austria: Michaela Res and Cayenne
Belgium: Saskia de Clerq and Zyta
Australia: Cara Lynne Keogh and Glenbogyl Park Con Artist
Croatia: Hana Bobinac and Perun
Germany: Anna Maria Meitling and Denironn
France: Ann Marie Kraus and Kee chero du Vip


Michaela Res and Cayenne of Vienna, Austria topped the League and we send many congratulations to them both.
Despite the impending arrival of her first child Michaela has competed with determination and athleticism right up to the last minute, producing some fantastic scores with her fabulous coloured horse Cayenne. We wish her and her husband Markus (who came 7th in the league with his horse Fortissimo) all the best with the birth of their baby, due very soon.


The Reserve Champion is from Germany. Anna Maria Meitling has made a meteoric rise through the levels in Horse Agility showing incredible skill and fluidity with her beautiful horse Denironn. A nna Maria also qualified as a HAAT (Horse Agility Accredited trainer) this year. We are so glad to have her on board.


Our Junior World Champion is Lena Hobling from Austria with her very pretty pony Goldie. Lena is now competing with two ponies and is showing some impressive horsemanship skills for one so young, we look forward to seeing her compete for many years to come.

Horse Agility Competition 2013 – The Final Results

It’s that time of year again!


Congratulations to all our end of year league winners.


These competitors represent the highest levels of skill in Horse Agility, a sport that puts equine communication and good horsemanship first and foremost.


See you all in 2014!


OLHA! League


World Champion Beth Smith and Desi CA 240

Reserve World Champion Sarah Davies and Jac GB 217


European champion Sarah Davies and Jac GB

North American champion Beth Smith and Desi CA

Australasian champion Cara Keogh and Buddy AUS


Special Rosette for the highest placed Amateur (non-HAAT) in this league sponsored by

Sarah Davies of sensible Horsemanship goes to:

Noreen Friesen of Canada



Liberty Cup


World Champion Sarah Davies and Blue GB 303

Reserve World Champion Noeline Cassettari and Flying Dust Ombre Rose AUS 228


European champion Sarah Davies and Blue GB

North American champion Julia Cameron and Moe CA

Australasian champion Noeline Cassettari and Flying Dust Ombre Rose AUS


Real Time League


World Champion Nicola Ravensford and Teton Spirit Horse GB 814

Reserve World Champion Hilary Moses and Ferdinand GB 634


European champion Nicola Ravensford  and Teton Spirit Horse GB

North American champion Susan Randall and Adios CA

Australasian champion Lisa Munro and Kudu AUS


Changes to Horse Agility Competition in 2014


Key Points

• Liberty cup becomes the Liberty Trophy
• The main OLHA league will consist only of courses completed ‘on the lead rein’ (including Advanced 1 Star course), there will no longer be a Liberty element to this league
• Competitors may join the Liberty Trophy competition at any time of the year and start competing at any level they choose
• First prize winners at each level (Bronze, Silver, Gold) get a Liberty medal.

The Liberty Cup will become the Liberty Trophy in 2014


As usual the judge is looking for free flowing movement both within and between obstacles. Treats and touch may be used to reward the horse within the obstacle but not between so that flow is maintained and there is no possibility of the food being used to keep the horse connected to the handler or that the touch is manoeuvring the horse. At any time the horse loses contact with the handler between obstacles this is called a break and one mark is deducted. This is taken from the next obstacle’s score.


There are ten obstacles in the competition Liberty Trophy competition course.


There are three levels in which to compete:





Competitors can easily see what level they are at (Bronze, Silver or Gold) by looking at the League table and seeing what their cumulative league point total is and checking it against the table below.


Bronze level is 0 – 40 Liberty Trophy league points

Silver level is 41 -120 Liberty Trophy league points

Gold Level is 121+ Liberty Trophy league points


The Bronze course is the equivalent of Starter Level

The Silver course is the equivalent of Medium Level

The Gold course is the equivalent of Advanced One Star Level


Bronze level competitors may have a headcollar and/or a neckrope* on the horse to correct and guide him but every time it is used in this way they will lose a point.


Silver level may use a neck rope with the same caveats as those at Bronze level.


Gold level will have no equipment on the horse at all.


*A neck rope is a long lead rope that forms a loop around the horse’s neck. It should ideally lie loosely on the shoulders but may be anywhere from the behind the ears to the withers. Every time this rope goes tight marks will be deducted.


Competitors may join the Liberty Trophy competition at any time of the year and start competing at any level they choose. However once they have entered at a level they cannot move from that level unless they are promoted by gaining league points within the Liberty Trophy competition. For example, a team may not enter at Gold level one month and then Bronze the next.



The league points are awarded as follows:


Score 100-98 97-95 94-92 91-89 88-86 85-83
Bronze 12 8 5 3 2 1
Silver 24 16 10 6 4 2
Gold 36 24 15 9 6 3


These league points are cumulative through the year so that competitors can rise up through the levels, they are added to the lifetime points as happens now and will affect the team level in the ‘On Lead Rein’ League and ‘Real-time’ competitions.


Everyone gets rosettes as usual and all first prize winners at each level (Bronze, Silver, Gold) receive a Liberty medal. At the end of the year the highest placed competitor wins the Liberty Trophy.

Horse Agility Summer of Sport 2013 – The Results

Congratulations to everyone who took part in the Horse Agility Summer of Sport 2013.


We received over 200 entries and the quality of horsemanship was superb!

Summer of Sport
In classes ranging from Show jumping, to Long reining and a bit of Dancing and Gambling thrown in, a lot of fun was had by all – including our horses!


The brand new equestrian sport of Equagility , made its first appearance producing a huge number of entries. In Equagility handler and horse negotiate an obstacle course on foot before the handler becomes a rider and goes over the obstacles again - all without saddles and bridles! Very inspiring and a glimpse of the future for us all!


With Specially commissioned Summer of Sport Rosettes for every entrant and Limited Edition T shirts for all the first prize winners, every competitor receives a keepsake to remember the fun they’ve had.


Thank you to everyone for helping us make the sport of Horse Agility such fun to be a part of.


All results now on line.


Class A - Starter [ View full results ]

Class B - First [ View full results ]

Class C - Medium [ View full results ]

Class D - Advanced [ View full results ]

July Liberty Cup results will be published August 2nd 2013


Special Summer of Sport Classes:


Class F - Long Reining [ View full results ]

Class G - Pairs [ View full results ]

Class H - Show Jumping [ View full results ]

Class I - Dance with your Horse [ View full results ]

Class J - Junior Round [ View full results ]

Class K - The Gambler's Round [ View full results ]

Class L - Equagility on Line [ View full results ]

Class M - Equagility at Liberty [ View full results ]


Class F - Long Reining

Position Member and Horse Name Country Score
6 Nicola Ravensford - Teton Spirit horse GB 98
6 Heidi Potter - Cooper USA 98
6 Pauline Sandland - Topaz GB 98
6 Madonna Faux - Rocky AUS 98
6 Lynette Parkinson - Rivers AUS 98
6 Cara Keogh - Coby AUS 98
12 Patch Smith - Spirit CA 97
12 Sabine Schmidhammer - Hobbit AY 97
12 Amanda Braham - Mr Daks GB 97
15 Hannah Peters - Zephyr CA 96
15 Jane Lewis - Savvy Socks GB 96
15 Sabrina Willis - Fenix GB 96
15 Rachel Bennett - Mr Hughey AUS 96
15 Dawn Figg Uddens - Welsh Peony GB 96
15 Amanda Braham - Hero GB 96
15 Leanne Killen - Ronan AUS 96
22 Lindsay Spalding - Coppice Victor GB 95
22 Sandra Dainty - Banner GB 95
22 Ann Hunt - Pavanne GB 95
22 Sheila Reed - Vanity GB 95
26 Hannah Peters - Doc CA 94
26 Lorraine Sheridan - Daisy Ho GB 94
26 Sheri Pederson - Largo USA 94
29 Sabrina Willis - Mischief (Misty) GB 93
29 Noeline Cassettarri - Flying Dust Ombre Rose AUS 93
31 Noeline Cassettari - Grawood Chelsea AUS 92
32 Karri Nadazdy - Lunar AUS 89
33 Linda Morrison - Déjà vu CA 87


Class G - Pairs

Position Member and Horse Name Country Score
4 Susan Infante and Crystal Thomase Emphasis and Hottie USA 91
5 Susan Randall and Suzanne Parsons, Adios and Tessa CA 88
6 Suzanne Parsons and Jackie Moubert, Tessa and  Persia CA 87
6 Hannah Peters and Glenda Mackinnon Zephyr and Kizzy CA 87
8 Sharon Hackney and Lorraine Sheridan Lulu and Daisy GB 86
9 Glenda Goerzen and Hunter Goerzen, Goers Coco Butter and Coco Nuggets CA 85
10 Sue Kelly and Bart Kelly Peter and Kiwi GB 84
10 Debi Monk and Melanie Garner, Rheuben and Dinks GB 84
10 Nick Virtue and Karri Nadazdy, Bazinga Butterfly and Bazinga Dragonfly AUS 84
10 Susan Randall and Adiva Murphy Adios and Tucker CA 84
14 Lauren Ferguson and Jillian Ferguson Misty and Roxy CA 83
15 Melanie Garner + Camilla Mascall Sandy Dallas + Bordesley Golden Ayanna GB 81
16 James Linacre and Jess Prosser Jumping Joy and Dubai Diamond Samson GB 80
16 Hana Bobinac and Irma Virbjak, Perun and Gita HR 80
18 Karri Nadazdy and Noeline Cassettari Tin Tin and Flying Dust Ombre Rose AUS 76
19 Penny Dickson and Bruce Taylor Bailey and Benjimin GB 74
20 Sue Kelly and Bart Kelly Giffy and Wellington GB 72


Class H - Show Jumping

Position Member and Horse Name Country Score
5 Hilary Moses - Ferdinand GB 1
5 Laura Knoops - Joep NL 1
7 Susan Infante - Regalo USA 2
7 Susan Infante - Abrias Signature Emphasis USA 2
7 Sue Grout - Jackdaw GB 2
10 Noreen Friesen - Ima Good Mister CA 3
10 Noreen Friesen - Majors Pony Express CA 3
12 Connie Joachim - Tito USA 4
13 Sabrina Willis - Fenix GB 5
14 Tania Peterson - Merry Muse AUS 6
15 Sarah Schaaf - Patrick’s Vindicator USA 7
15 Iris Tjalkes- Puck NL 7
17 Alison Franks - D GB 8
17 Sabrina Willis - Mischief (Misty) GB 8
19 Alison Franks - Fal GB 10
20 Leanne Killen - Ronan AUS 12


Class I - Dance with your Horse

Position Member and Horse Name Country Score
4 Wendy Clemis - Miss Tea CA 79
5 Hana Bobinac - Perun HR 78
6 Glenda Goerzen - Coco Nuggets CA 77
7 Melanie Garner - Dinks GB 74


Class J - Junior Round

Position Member and Horse Name Country Score


Class K  - The Gambler’s Round

Position Member and Horse Name Country Score
4 Tania Peterson - Pepperoni AUS 224
5 Hana Bobinac - Perun HR 222
6 Irma Vrbnjak - Gita HR 203
7 Heidi Potter - Cooper USA 179
8 Sandra Dainty - Banner GB 176
9 Deb Maynard - Scout USA 171
10 Hazel Wallis - Double Cross (Rowan) GB 130


Class L - Equagility on Line

Position Member and Horse Name Country Score
5 Heidi Potter - Cooper USA 97
5 Madonna Faux - Smeagol AUS 97
7 Amanda Braham - Mr Daks GB 96
7 Deb Maynard - Scout USA 96
9 Claire Gillies - Abbey GB 94
9 Debi Monk - Rheuben GB 94
9 Suzanne Parsons - Tessa CA 94
9 Hilary Moses - Ferdinand GB 94
13 Melanie Garner - Dinks GB 93
14 Leanne Killen - Ronan AUS 92
14 Susan Randall - Adios CA 92
16 Emi Schutz - Iris AUS 91
17 Sheila Reed - Vanity GB 89
18 Wendy Clemis - Miss Tea CA 88
19 Sue Fairchild - Bessie GB 86
19 Lorraine Sheridan - Daisy Ho GB 86
21 Sharon Hackney - Lulu GB 83
22 Jackie Moubert - Persia CA 79


Class M - Equagility at Liberty

Position Member and Horse Name Country Score
4 Jadranka Sokac - Sigin HR 97
5 Janet Kester - Dove USA 96
6 Glenda Goerzen - Goers Coco Butter CA 93